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100WC- Remembering

She lays in bed. Pale face, soft skin, warm at the touch. She doesn’t know- who she is, what she has done. She lays there. The room is silent not even the warmth of the sun dares shine through. The birds tweet- the walls block it all out. All The happiness outside tries sneak through the gaps, but it dies as it reaches the gloominess inside. She lays there fragile as porcelain. She can’t remember- remembering what a challenge just the slightest thing. How she fought, helped all has passed and nothing is remembered. She closes her eyes everything passes away.


About Alice

What do we know about Alice?

We know that Alice so far is 10 years old.

She has lived in Northern China and Saudi Arabia.

She is at the moment in Italy on a skiing holiday.

Alice’s Parents; Her mother Ming likes to paint and her father searches for oil.

Alice has a player (like a phone) She makes drawings and puzzles.

Alice has drawn ‘Brad’.

Brad somehow is connected to Alice.

What don’t know about Alice?

We don’t when Alice’s birthday is .

We don’t know what she looks like, or her parents.

We don’t know if she does home or normal schooling.

We don’t know about any other family she has.

We know don’t know if brad is real or not.

We don’t know if Alice has moved yet.

What can we infer from episodes so far?

I can  infer that after watching episode 1, that Alice’s mum sounds as though she is Chinese because the lived there and her names Ming.

I can  infer that after watching the episodes that Alice’s parents are always lost. Alice says this as her parents are always, fondly enough lost to her. Evidence; Ep 2 she is on holiday, she is in the house by herself, herself.  She says that her parents are always lost as she doesn’t know where they are.

Below is most of my predication for Inanimate Alice Episode 3

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SBC (student blogging challenge) Week 7

So for week 7, I’m choosing activity 1. So here it is…

The activity was to survey/poll the teachers at your school and how they are connected.

1.Did they know about Connected Educator Month?

2.How do they connect with other teachers in their state?

3.How do they connect overseas?

4.How do they connect with family? What do they use to connect?

My dad is a teacher, so i thought ill ask him instead. (;

This is the answers from my dad-


2.E-mail, conferences, video conferences.

3.Skype, Whatsapp, facebook and edmodo.

4.Talk, mobile phone, facebook and text messages.

So thats practically it!








Week 3 Student Blogging Challenge


What time do you normally get up to go to school?
Um.. I’ll usually get up at 7 at my dads, 7-7:30 at my mums house

What do you normally have for breakfast, recess, lunch, tea (dinner, supper)?
breaky- toast, weet-bix and ceral (rarely)
recess- snacks/fruit
lunch- sandwich, fruit lunchy stuff.
tea- don’t really have a regular dinner

How do you get to school?
Bus, car, skatey and walking.

How long does it take to get to or from school?
Dads- 10 mins (walking, bus etc.)
Mums- bus ~ 15mins / waking, skating etc. 20 mins

A typical lunch at school
Sandwich or Juice.

Subjects you have to do – remember to explain abbreviations like LOTE and ELA
English, Maths, (H)uman (S)ociety (I)n It’s (E)nviroment, Art, Music and Technology.

Specialist subjects or electives, options
Don’t have any….

Technology in your school
Wow! All class have smart-boards, all classes have computers to work on and we have I think 30 iPads for the school and about 10 for our class.

A typical schoolday with timetable and breaks
Get to school by 8:55.
Bell goes at 9 to go into class.
Bell goes at 11 for recess than again at 11:20 to go into class.
Bell goes at 1 for lunch and than at 2, to finish for our final time in class.
Then our final bell goes at 3 to go home.

What do you do at break times? Games, activities etc I’m usually talk to my friends, tips and stuff like that.

School bell has gone for end of day – what happens now?
If I am at my dads I’ll catch the bus, walk, skate home and if I’m at mums I’ll go to the lolly shop then catch the bus home.

Do you have to wear uniform?
Yes I do. I have a summer,winter and sports uniform.

How many days per year are you at school? How is this arranged – terms etc?
Arrrhh I’m not exactly sure how many days but I know that we have four terms and they usually have 8-10 weeks in them.

What do you enjoy most about school?
Being with my friends and learning new things.

If you could improve your school, what would you do?
Probably try pick more rubbish up around the school playgrounds.


Inanimate Alice Questions and Wonderings

After reading the text version (chapter one) of Inanimate Alice. Below are my questions and wonderings.

What does Alice look like?

Where is her dad? What does her dad look like?

What is her dad doing? Why is he going?

Why does he go by himself?

Why does he look for oil?

Where in China does Alice stay?

What is base camp?

What does her mum look like?

Whats a ‘ba-xi’?

Whos Brad?

Whats a player?

Why do they look for wildflowers?

Why is brad in alice’s head? Why does brad know that dad is that way?

Why are Alice’s family  always on the move?


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Holiday Paradise



In November I am going on a cruise (P&O) all around Papua New Guinea. Our ship departs from Brisbane so my family and I will have to drive up. However this is no just an ordinary cruise, my mum and step dad to be are getting married when we get on. Of course just to relax and have their honey moon we are staying on the cruise for ten days!! There will be heaps of activities and we will be able to go snorkeling heaps! Above is the usually scenery of the beaches… beautiful.


Spelling Homework

This are some activities I have been doing for spelling the pat few weeks for homework.

This are some activities I have been doing for spelling the pat few weeks for homework.






word search

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Storybird Book

In technology at school, we created a digital storybook using the website http://storybird.com/
Our story was aimed at bullying and cyberbulling.

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School Photos Disaster!

The car stopped suddenly, I just about get out the car to go to school when I realise it’s school photos! I haven’t even done a thing about it! I haven’t got the right uniform on, I haven’t brushed my hair properly and haven’t brang my note in! What am I going to do? Mum said “Quickly get back in and we can get ready like lightning!” I zip into the car, clip myself in like a flash and we drive off. We get to the train tracks.. a coal train! Traffic lights.. red! Were not going to get to school.



This post is a part of my homework for this week. The topic was ‘create a blog post about a pet you have or had’. Mine is about my 7 year old  Labrador/Ridgeback dog Abbey.

The first time I layed eyes on this beautiful dog, was when she was 3. I was so excited my own dog! Well the family’s dog…My mum and Dad first found her in the paper for a give away and thought it was a great idea for them to grab her.

My dad went to her old house to pick her up. She look miserable and depressed. She was quitre scared, when dad took her in the car and drove off. Although Abbey is only 7 she has been through alot.

She was first a companion to an elderly women. Then one day when the women decided she couldnt look after her, shes put her in the paper.

Some lovely owners took her under there arms and was called ‘ Abbeys Owners’. They also had anothrer dog, that was big and scary and would hurt and steel all Abbey’s food!

Thats when her old owners put her in the paper for a give away.  Then yes my dad saved the day .(: Now Abbey is safe with us and enjoys her wonderful home! i love Abbey so very, very  much!


Ellie (:

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